How does Birdee protect itself from piracy?

Safety and personal information

How does Birdee protect itself from piracy?

Birdee makes every effort to ensure the security of its platform. The Birdee platform is entirely isolated and hosted by a "PSF" provider (Professionals of the Financial Sector) supervised by the Luxembourg financial authorities. In addition, Birdee has implemented a series of steps to ensure its IT services, including:
1. Constant monitoring of services
2. Analysis and filtering of incoming and outgoing requests
3. Replication of services and data to protect against loss or failure
4. Isolation of production servers behind high-end firewalls
5. Regular intrusion testing
6. Using the https protocol when connecting clients
7. Installation of unique certificates on its servers so that they can be identified with certainty and eliminate the risk of the "man-in-the-middle" attack.

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